OPENED dressing room without back

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Introducing the Opened Dressing Room: a sleek, anodized aluminum structure designed for maximum visual lightness. With or without a rear panel, this versatile wardrobe measures 365.6 x 64.6 x 240 cm, offering adaptability for any space. Customize with LED lighting for a fully illuminated experience. Explore endless configurations to fit your needs, with options for special setups like corners. Personalize with various finishes to create your unique dressing room tailored just for you.



WalkinCloset by Lagrama specializes in innovative and customizable storage solutions for modern homes. Combining sleek design with functional elegance, WalkinCloset offers a wide range of wardrobes, closets, and modular systems that maximize space and enhance interior aesthetics. Known for their high-quality materials and attention to detail, Lagrama's products provide personalized organization options that cater to individual needs and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for every home.